Bushfire update: walk-in clinic all week

UPDATED 31st January:

Our Huonville walk-in clinic for people affected by the Huon bushfires will continue every day up to Tuesday 5th February.

We also have walk-in availability in Cygnet at 14 George Street for the rest of the week to Friday 1st February. Public Health Services have issued a smoke alert for the Cygnet area with a refuge open in Kingston at the Kingborough Sports Centre for people vulnerable to the poor air quality.

Public Health advise that: “The conditions most affected by smoke include heart and lung diseases, including asthma and emphysema, and other chronic diseases such as diabetes. Elderly persons (people aged 65 and above), young children (aged five and under) and pregnant women are also at increased risk.

Public Health Services strongly advises anyone in the Cygnet and surrounding areas who is vulnerable to smoke to leave the area to minimise their exposure. You risk serious health harm by staying in these conditions.

Bushfire smoke is harmful and can trigger fatal health conditions. Acting to reduce your exposure to smoke will reduce your chances of becoming seriously ill.

People vulnerable to smoke should leave for a place with cleaner air. This may mean staying with friends or family away from areas most affected by bushfire smoke.”

We will be running a walk-in clinic every day from Tuesday 29th January – Friday 1st February at the Huonville practice for people affected by the bushfires in the Huon Valley.

The walk-in clinic is available for all Huon Valley residents and visitors impacted by the bushfires, regardless of whether you are a regular patient or not.

The Huonville practice at 85 Main Road Huonville is a short walk from the evacuation centre at the Huon PCYC.

Our support staff including nurses, psychologist and pharmacist are also on hand to help you if needed.

We also recommend reviewing your Asthma or COPD Action Plan with your GP, and ensuring you have your blue reliever medications with you at all times while the smoke is heavy.

More information on the health effects of bushfire smoke can be found on the Public Health Services website. You can also subscribe to the Asthma Foundation of Tasmania Smoke Alert to get air quality alerts via Facebook and Twitter.

We have everyone in our Huon Valley community in our thoughts. Please stay safe.

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