The good life

Glen Huon Primary School hosted a Comunity Family Fun Day on Saturday, July 1 from 10am to 2pm.

The event was funded by the Tasmanian Association of State School Organisations (TASSO) through their Community Empowered Schools programme.

The Community Empowered Schools programme aims to increase effective parental and community involvement in schools.

Kate Trask, event coordinator, said that the funding will enable the school to host a Community Family Fun Day on the last Saturday of each term, fro the next seven terms. or up until the end of the 2018 school year.

Saturday’s event was dubbed ‘The Good Life’ and focussed on life skills that we all need.

Kate said, “We are encouraging whole families to spend time at the school and become part of the school community, and to gain some life skills that may have been lost in modern family life.”

These skills centred on home gardening, caring for backyard poultry, cooking with fresh prdouce and mindful art and craft.

Many community service providers attended the event and the school also received assistance from the Huon Valley Community Bank, White Ribbong Australia and Arts Alive, Kids Thrive!

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