We are a teaching medical practice. That means that we are, and always will be, a place of learning. We are inherently curious. We overcome health inequalities by offering accessible, affordable & highly evidence-based medical care to our community.

We do that in teams. We think & reflect deeply about the needs of our patients and how we can meet them in a meaningful way.

We demonstrate commitment. We have impact. We make our community healthier.

Recent News

Mental Health, Wellbeing and Natural Disasters

As we approach the warmer months, so too does the risk of bushfires. As a result of global warming, natural disaster events like bushfires and floods are increasingly likely. There are things that you can do to feel more prepared practically and from a mental wellbeing perspective.  Traumatic events occur when there is a threat…

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Doctors going on maternity leave

Congratulations to Dr Jessica Shill, Dr Ingrid Smethurst and Dr Emma Mortyn who are all expecting babies in the next few months. They will be going on maternity leave in October/ November and will return to the practice in 2020.     For patients who regularly see Dr Jessica Shill, Dr Ingrid Smethurst and Dr…

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